Orthotic Advertising on Radio and TV

You may have heard advertisements on the local radio or television commercials promoting “custom fit” orthotics you can get at discount department stores. While these devices are not bad, we feel that they are extremely overpriced. You can get over the counter (OTC) devices that we feel are more effective for most people for less than $40.00. Our advice is to be very careful – you should never pay more than $50.00 for an “orthotic” unless it is made from a cast or a mold of your foot by an experienced and skilled medical professional.

What these stores and companies call “custom fit” just means that they use a machine to scan the shape, pressure points and size of your foot. They then give you a recommendation of what pre-packaged insole to purchase. Using the word “custom” seems to be misleading to potential customers – these are not custom made orthotics – they are simply very overpriced over-the-counter arch supports.

There is high quality, doctor recommend off-the-shelf orthotics on the market and they can be purchased at Futch Podiatry, your total foot care center. Most cost about $30.00.

Just be careful. If you have a foot problem, come see us at Futch Podiatry for a diagnosis – not a clerk in a shoe store. And NEVER spend more than $50 on an arch support or orthotic unless it is made from a cast of your foot by a trained medical professional.

If you are interested in more information on custom othothics or the doctor recommended over the counter orthotics; contact Futch Podiatry.